carnival blaspheme lyrics – hades almighty

come gather now to this humble feast
i host this hallow night
come join the masquerade
attend the pleasure and delight
come drink the sweetest wine i serve
directly from it’s source
entangle in pure decadence
engage this carnal waltz
(i do insist)
tempting fruit of l*st desire
piles before my purple throne
come taste the flesh and scented fumes
present your flesh and bid your juice
(i trust theirs plenty)
daughters, b*tches-virgin wh*r*s
and sons of saints and daemons
rejoice in carnal l*st,-infernal and divine
this funeral of morals on this very holy night
ecstacy and blasphemy
profound and true delight
lotus drugged erotica; ooh c*m for me my brides
take it higher, burn like fire
pain voluptuary desire
ecstacy extreme
attend the orgy carnival blaspheme

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