carpe diem lyrics – erase the days

today we all burn in the fire of regrets and mistakes. this day its all turned backwards. we’ll throw our calenders to the flame. we’ll murder yesterday to exist in forever. we’ll erase the days and seize the moments. you’re voice its breaking up. everytime the record skips, our hearts they skip a beat, you can’t cut whats already scarred. if you give me you’re heart girl, i’ll tear you apart. i must defend the hand that hold this pen. for tragedy is you’re friend. the poetry of l*st is never really dead. the radio is set to kill. its broadcating out last goodbye’s. i’ll let you in on this secret. this all ends tonight. l*st and love collide together. and i’m falling into the sky… we’ll come out swinging. we’re falling into the sky. how can you keep a secret when you reveal it with your eyes. were falling in the sky and i’m drowning in you’re eyes. were falling into the sky. were falling into the sky and i’m drowning you with my love. don’t miss your chance. don’t ask why. we’ll shoot these stars from the sky. i’m never noticed. you won’t remeber me. look at the night sky and tell me what you see. a picture of you and me. the only two falling stars in the sky.

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