carpe noctem lyrics – crimson moon

to seize the night

into the darkness thy spirit wanders through the opaque skies i ride.
unto the ancient moon i offer my blood before the graveside.

carpe noctem, spirits of the night, from the veil of azrael.
i gaze upon the grave sight, through soil and withered leaves.
the voices of evoken spirits (of the deceased) speaks to me.
i hear the voices of deceased souls as chants of demons ring… vehemently.

from the darkness i come.
the cold and dissonant realms i am.
i am the night the calls out.
i am the red eyes that stare.
i am the dark sorcerer of funeral summonings.
from the nocturnal winds of necromancy,
i call forth the dead…
may azrael animate the corpse before me.
i consecrate the golem with blood,
i summon the powers of night.
within thine funerary circle of high necromancy
i commune with shadowed spirits.
i view what once was, what is and what will come,
through thine darkened circle
i gaze through the all seeing eye.

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