carry bag man lyrics – fall

i’m in love with the carrier bag man
i love the carrier bag man x2
carrier bags strewn all around the room
ah, the carrier bag man– i am him
coz i am the carrier bag man — i am the carrier bag man

i’ve no time to sit comfortable down
but i still need armchairs round my home
to put carrier bags on

i am the carrier bag man
carry a bag man!

i don’t make waves, i hide bags in graves
no cash is earned straight nowadays anyways
please all you onlookers understand
so make gangway for carrier bag man

i am carrier bag man

[megaphone rant]

when in town i keep head down
kneel on the croft when the mariah comes round
fat-*ssed workmen, i scurry around
there’s few good places to hide bags behind

coz i am carrier bag man.
carry a bag man!

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