castle of sir jan lyrics – corrosion

searching through a forest,
for a valley long forgotten.
the darkness now embraced me,
and terror invaded me,
circling wolves were howling,
crying out for death,
and the rushing wind of darkness,
kissed her freezing breath.
the elements rallied, to protect the lord.
horror now swept over me,
overcome by fear,
when somewhere in the distance
a voice spoke clear:
sir jan, call him!


mysteries, that eyes have never seen.
secrets forever guarded from man.
a castle with gates and doors of sun,
surrounded by great sounding bells,
cast in gold.
searching to find the illusive truth.
your quest,
is sadly hopeless, somebody warned.
to see it a man must first deserve it.
in vain he strives with his mind,
for it lies bare in another dimension.
legends which speak of hidden powers,
of blazing blue fire…

sir jan, believe and you will find,
what you seek

one day all will have eyes to see secrets,
now guarded forever from man.
seek out. sir jan

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