castration lyrics – dead youth


i’ll crunch your ballsac, whip it into a mulch
genital juices gurgle and squelch
squeeze your testicals, put them in a vice
butcher knives and razor stab, poke and slice…

i open up your scrotum and fiddle with your nuts
if i get to hungry i’ll bite into your b*tt
spaghetti – like urethra dripping urinal gore
i fist the gaping orifice, i’m such a f*cking wh*r*…

saving the human race from over population
destroy your manhood with a castration
dissecting your p*n*s and balls
i start to f*cking laugh!
your future generations are thrown into a trash

you scream like a woman, your voice is now higher
-my cauterizing implements are heating in the fire-
creating a new species of imbiguites
i’m your god and savior.
i’m vascectomite…

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