cataclysm child lyrics – mygrain

rotting bloom, evolutionary infertility
spilling dead weight of the world that bleeds
parasites swarm, eating all-absorbing
scavenging humanity will fall
breathe the fall and feed on dark matter
expended love breaking combustion of the pattern
imprisonment in a body of pain, your last hive
obscure corners of mind that buries you alive
cataclysm child walking in shadows
torn with their smile, worn to their burden inside
lethal quantum running through the veins
doctrine of descendants in the wake
maggots of mayhem breeding serpentine silence
sinister dimensional turbulence
opened the blood stained box
the great cold paradox
look at the neglected world
a sight to behold for endless time-sp*ce
cataclysm child wears a burden inside
a temple of needs, paradoxical work of artificial
the perfection made of scars
exhale the dead weight in you
raise the gl*ss for abomination
inhale the vague, scavengers’ nation
bleeding, feeding, this tormenting sight
sealing covenant, death for eternal life
feel the frost absorbing your warmth
this carnal prison burns so cold
heed the will of the breathing paradox
smothered beatings of the earth black box
spilling poisonous wine, doctrine of failed design
obscure corners of mind, no one hears you’re alive
opened the blood stained box
the great cold paradox

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