catatonic sleep lyrics – ivory tower

h*llo, h*llo, is there anybody out there? hear my call
h*llo, you look at me and catch nothing at all
h*llo, it hurts but i’ve got nothing to return
h*llo, i sense everything but you don’t seem to

i’m just longing for the dark, i need a way to disembark
from this ship of endless nightmares

i’m dead yet awake, i’m a catatonic schizophrenic
this is worse than death, i’m a catatonic schizophrenic
soothe your will to live, i’m a catatonic schizophrenic
turn of the instruments, end my catatonic sleep

h*llo, h*llo, attacks of madness constantly increase
h*llo, you try to hide your pity but i see
h*llo, see my eyes, they show you how i feel
h*llo, i feel everything but no-one seems to


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