cereal wars lyrics – a.f.i

get up early in the morning, going to the store.

post, kellogs, general mills?
it’s the cereal war.

f*ckin’ store never has the monsters and they never get more.

post, kellogs, general mills?
it’s the cereal war.

i hope s*xual chocolate is in stock, it’s got a condom in the box.
i’ll try some cocoa puffs today.
what the f*ck is sonny anyway?
some say dino’s are the best, they’ve got more marshmallows
than the rest.
there’s not a lot of cocoa in cocoa crispies,
and always stay away from wheaties.
now it’s dinner time and i’m going back to the store.

i had some erkles, ‘liked ’em a lot.
it’s the cereal war.

i wish i were calvin or hobbes and then i could try sugar bombs.
the soggies will never get cap’n crunch, i guess i’ll have
crunch berries for lunch.
breakfast cereals need to be sweet, that’s the only kind i’ll eat.
give me sugar not nuts and twigs!
do i look like a f*ckin’ squirrel to you?

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