chaotic reality lyrics – desecration

powerfull nations
planning the future of all being
with the only intent
of self benefit*t’s clear they don’t find
any difficulty to realize it
cause there is no reaction from the plebe
it’s depressing to get this conclusion
but all your life is briefin subjecting the impost laws
without at least wondering about
a totally despicable being
*n*lysing all your life
i just can’t find
any positive att*tude
after all, why are you alive ?
you don’t worry about
improving your life
you don’t mind what’s happening
your acts are completly limitated
before all what is wrong,
hope of a better world ?
anything will change if you don’t envolve
wake up and protest
when subjecting to dirty
inhuman feeling and att*tudes
as your pride and egoism
you start your own
chaotic reality
deliver yourself from
this egoist att*tudes and
from your point of view
try to be juster with yourself
get away from your own
chaotic reality

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