chased by a shadow lyrics – embracing

it’ s hiding from daylight inside the eastern crypt
you have seen him and shivered with his presence
he’ s a killer but yet not very unlike me
a bi-product of a dimensional journey

something tells me i’ ve seen him somewhere before
maybe i lost a part of myself inside the rift
flashing fragments turned into place
incomplete as he needs the final piece, “it’s me you want”

chased by a shadow
how can we possible escape
try to keep your heads low
but he already knows my second take

gelhein… who is calling me by my true name?

how come the shadows grow before me
caught in their paralyzing embrace
maybe it’s time to turn myself in
but i can’t just give up and write down: the end

chasing the shadow
i take back what was already mine
and there’s nothing left for you
new signs form in the heaven

(gelhein… a telepathic voice still calls me by my true name)

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