chasing the daylight lyrics – phillip larue

some say my faith is like wings made of wax
that it won t last that i m wasting my time
but have they ever felt a love like this
grace like a gentle kiss love so divine

i was a soul
stranded in bones
i was dream to afraid to dream
but now

i want to chase the daylight
like it s the last day of my life
i want to run
hide myself in the sun and feel all these fears
melt away
and i will never look back no i will never look back
i m gonna live this life
chasing the daylight

there s still arrows in my heart
there s still time i fall apart
and all i am left with is why s
but then your love falls like a heavy rain
and i don t feel the pain
when you re by my side

so open up the sky
and open up my eyes
open up the sky tonight

“this is a song of hope and redemption. i have been in many seasons, walked through valleys and then later have been on the mountain tops to look below and reflect on what god was trying to teach me in the desert. for me this song is a statement of faith… deciding for myself that despite life’s arrows (questions that will never be answered in this life) i want to wake up each day with hope in my bones believe god for who he is and continuing on the road with hope.” – phillip larue

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