cheetos en la torta lyrics – intoxxxicated

i can not deny
this is what i like
traveling near or far
with the f*ckin’ thrash band!

drinking all the time
slamming until die
f*cking in a car
cheetos en la torta!!!

i came afraid to this bl**dy world, i found a please to
release my pain
i join a band, four of a kind. thrash to destroy thrash
metal war.
this is what we do, we don’t follow rules.
we just drink to lose our heads, we just came to thrash
this place.

i can not describe
it’s like the metal sign
it’s like the f*cking h*rns
of satan lord!

four f*ckin’ mad men
from a nasty bas*m*nt
working day and night
this is what we want!

we are the ones that make you head bang
we are the ones that kill and thrill and fist, f*ck,
c*m, kill
thrill and laugh at you!

i can not find some peace of mind; you most release the
beast in me.
open your eyes this is my life; open you eyes now your

i can not deny!
this is what we want!
playing f*cking thrash!
cheetos en la torta!!!

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