cherry pie lyrics – jhene

my oh my
(ohhh ohhh)
(myy ohhh myyy)
my oh my
(my cherry pie)
my oh my
(myy, ohh my, ohh my)
my oh my
he’s my cherry pie

[1st verse]
my friends say i’m trippin,
sleepin but they slippin,
somehow they missin,
all that he’s givin,
i want him so bad,
i’ll never let go,
i’ll tell my girls leave me alone,
they don’t understand it,
he’s what i’m feelin,
i just wanna hang out,
that’s what he be ’bout,
no fakin, no frontin,
he’s what i’m wantin,
he’s just as sweet as a cherry pie.

[hook 2x]
my oh my,
(my ohh my)
he’s the apple of my eye,
(ooooohh no)
he’s the only one that can make me smile,
he’s my cherry pie,
(he’s my cherry pie)

[2nd verse]
baby boy be lookin bangin,
i, i ain’t playin,
lie, i can’t be,
he gives me what i need,
them boots with his hat back,
so fly i gotta get that,
i can’t leave him alone,
pants just be saggin,
boy be lookin too good,
i just wanna hang out,
i just wanna kick it,
i know that he feels me,
he’s just so real see,
he’s as sweet as a cherry pie.

[hook 2x]

my cherry pie,
ohhhh no,
my, oh my, oh my

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