child of god lyrics – young jeezy

for real a child of god, done made an watched me grow
like i done watched an served fiends, made they addictions grow
caught by 5-0, not me, never no
i’m a child of god, elemental like i’ll make it snow
you know, god, forgive me
i ain’t livin’ all pious
an my sins could send me eternal to the dark lords fires
from lightin up the strip wit heaters
to c*ke fiends pipes wit they lighters
but i ask, do a thug a favour
let me in line,
an when i get there i’ll slang no more of them fine white lines,
no sacks sellin’ for dimes, just some chopped up bub
god’s son rockin’ heaven with a bottle of bub
don’t need my snub
cos lord you got my back
smite any other n*gg* who can front on that
cos this real n*gg* rap
jeezy in the booth
child of god, rap’s saviour spittin truth in the booth

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