children of autumn lyrics – images of eden

small, fragile hands wielding heavy stones
trying to break the gl*ss cages that surround them
with no one to comfort and no one to protect them
their loneliness carries a heavy weight

are we so tired that we refuse to run the course?
and are we so blind that we forget what is in our

autumn brings dusk to life, the endless night
but there is still time to mend the wounds you bear
why haven’t i fought for you, my one and only regret
time cries for you, my tears will never forget

are we so cold that we ignore helpless life?
and are we so naive to think someone else will save

the days are gone when i believed that man…
would keep the flame alive
a cold heart will never warm
the children for another night

a “man”, lifting the weight of the world
never to see it all again
shining our warm light
onto a cold, desolate night

we cannot bring back what is gone
but we can save all that remains

how can you face the day
when you can live unseen at night
and hide behind your selfish pride
while the children of autumn cry

today i shed my human skin
and spill my blood for the animals i live among
for the animal i have become
on this judgment day of my brothers, i am their keeper

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