chords of orion lyrics – deus invictus

you left the earth, flew from the ground ‘till no more
stars were left around
the black hole, yawning endlessly
you don’t know where you’re meant to be
falling away from all you know
now looking back, to see the glow of your lost home, it’s
fading fast
your independence never lasts
an open chasm, swirled about
wandering star, find your way
self-perfected world
l*st overrides your soul
look at the shadows; they stare right back at you
becoming darkness; the mist surrounds your soul
a shooting star beaming through the night of your darkest
break down the temple, built for yourself
tear off the scales, see beyond
look at the shadows
becoming darkness
escaping entropy as we’re designed to be
ride along on the chords of orion
i am the weakest one
you are how i’ve begun
ride along on the chords of orion
god within, your spirit conquering all ….

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