christmas with billy lyrics – smosh

hey everyone
don’t you love christmas
i know i do

hey everybody
hanging out just for this christmas.
time hanging out for christmas
oh yeah

i love my grandma
she is very awesome
wait, grandma, no, get off
oh no, grandma

grandma just got hit by a reindeer, oh no

she appears in a coma, grandmaaaa
won’t you wake up up, grandma

grandma won’t be here for christmas
then, i don’t know if she’s gonna be back
she has a huge blashration on her face

i still love christmas though
because i don’t get any cr*p
i get a bunch of expensive presents
so f*ck my grandma

all she gets me is socks
so i don’t really care
about her
she smells funny too

and i love christmas
because i put rocks in snowb*lls
and kill people with them

bye everyone
have a merry christmas

i hope you come out of the coma sometime

i love b**bs

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