circle of the scroll (jarnauga ii) lyrics – rimmersgard

last one who has left tungoldyr in the shades of sturmrspeik
now the old and wise man heads for the fortress naglimund

at last to spread the knowledge, to complete a quest of years
of an almost forgotten mystery, of sithi-king, undead

circle of the scroll quest twohundred years
for knowledge, long forgotten
to prevent the rise
of stormking, dark

knowledge of twohundred years researching, the wisdom they regained
that lived on and on in the old tales, supposed to be only mares

men and women of the circle, intend to banish stormking
with the abilities of the “great art”, mysterious and old

circle …

tales within the stories. the end of king fiskerne,
who founded the circle as a wall against the
darkness, is not to part from ineluki’s end,
who’s darkness surrounds us now.

the tales are tangled with each other.
for uncounted years zida’ya lived in this realms.
and no man nor woman is still alive who knows
whence they came.
but they came!
and they built their vulnerable towns, castles and
towers of strange beauty.
and asu’a was their mightiest work.

uncounted years they lived in the lands of osten ard
zida’ya – beautiful race from legend old
but one day king fingil marched and took them
under siege – zida’ya
but kings son ineluki fought his fight
and he forged magic blade named “sorrow”, the dark sword
his wrath and hatred burned so wild
and asu’a fell, where beauty dwelled

last one who has left tungoldyr, to spread the knowledge
jarnauga on his last great path, so he fulfils his quest. circle of the scroll

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