city lyrics – church

there, smoke turns into serpents in the air
beware, there’s no sanctuary anywhere
on this very spot, a great city once stood
it oozed with evil but it felt so good
well i don’t know
where did it go?

and here, there’s lots of method in their madness dear
and we’re considering remaining here
in this very house a giant was born
with two angry eyes and one sharp black h*rn
well i don’t know
how could he grow?

the fountains gush wine
the chimneys spurt flowers
where me and my friends p*ss the fleeting hours
well yes and no
where did they go?

goodbye, there’s no reason, there’s no alibi
i’ll try to write you a letter from the cyclone’s eye
on this very day, a hundred years before
they opened up the future like it was a door
well i don’t know
where did it go?

the towers stretch up, the spires spiral odd
behind the vicar’s gate, the sign, “beware of god”
well i don’t know
where did he go?

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