city of ghosts lyrics – slice the cake

everything shifts into focus
pummelled by sensory input overload;
this taste of clarity beckons me to repeat this

burn my eyes with the brightest of lights
as the senses adapt to the otherworldly state of mind.
in the sleep deprived, unconscious mind, i search for

i search this path alone.
i search this path alone
in this city of ghosts.

and were you with me, my love,
i would search no more, i would search no more.

for all unearthly revelations come from within,
we hold the key to a tapestry of our own making.

but we must be willing to look to within
and follow the inner voice as much as we can
for the voice of deceit will speak no more.
embracing the dream becomes a sin in its own way,
crushed under weight of expectation.

and you will atone.
you will atone.

and were you with me, my love,
we would search no more.
were you with me, my love
we would search no more
in this city of ghosts.

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