cj mac interlude lyrics – ice-t

(feat. cj mac)

[cj mac]
i still sell around the club, grips and bloods and hoodrats, all around me
ain’t n*body guards, but ain’t n*body tryin’ to clown me
hehe, my *ss motherf*cker try an’ test
last six days your whole gay crew, buyin’ vests and *ss bets
hit it like deniro and pacino gettin’ head like i’m little nickie
play the “casino”, greedy b*tches gettin’ blown like sharon gettin’ stoned
but this ain’t no f*ckin’ movie, ain’t n*body yellin’ “cut” and gettin’ up
f*ck the bullsh*t, i pull quick and unload
leave a n*gg* *ss – b*mpy like a toad
and stay trippin’, accused of crippin’
and ain’t the nine sh*t that stay flyin’ by in six-hundred giant sh*t
ooh wee, look at me, keep it rollin’ and i remember
back when my draws were stolen, but valued to keep it ballin’
f*ck you and a n*gg* tryin’ to speak
realsome player sh*t ain’t too played out to get deep – motherf*cker!!

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