clear reflection lyrics – deride

man machine animalistic behavior
holy smoke unholy goat no savior
heaven h*ll all the same in my life
unbelief throughout my veins forever

a clear reflection of who i am
in pact with the strongest and f*cking d*mned

trends h*ts motherf*ckers junk all bullsh*t
jesus f*cking christ who needs it (not me)
souls for sale and going cheap… again
along with religion music and h*ll
paint your face with a smile
or save your soul with a cross
at the end of the day
when push comes to shove
we’ll see who’s got the b*lls to stay

a clear reflection of who i am
a man with no desire to f*cking breed
this reflection staring back at me is all i need

clear reflection no broken mirrors here
i know where i dwell and it’s nowhere close to you
a clear reflection of who and what you are
unlike me you will never change

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