cloaked by the moonshine mist lyrics – diabolical masquerade

a lonesome wind entered the pits of my dreams
swept my thirst into shades of gleams
it spread a rain of ethereal tunes
coloured my pictures so freezing cold

by the shelter of the night the pale silver eye returned
in the distance of the nordic light the inverted horizon burned

a woven bridge between the sunken lands was forged
twisted my longing into caskets of time
it opened the eternity of a cosmical maze
coloured my pictures so dusty and old

beside the vast snowy woodland
beside the enormous hillsides of frost
below the magnificent starsky black
i am cloaked by the moonshine mist

in nocturnal midwinter hours
in bloodred darkness gone

the call – i heard
the vision – i saw
the scent – i knew
the oath – i swore

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