closed casket lyrics – esham

“what about death when it’s done come and gone?”

now i lay me down to sleep before i go to bed
redrum was the word that a n*gg* said
i’m dead, and once my mind bled all day
better watch the word when the wicked man say
simple and plain, i feel no pain
rotten body in the ground wit’ my maggot brain
the fallen angel fell all this wickedness for heaven
i still, so now i go to h*ll at seven
i can’t wait to meet the grim reaper, creature, feature
esham the unholy, satan was my teacher
and find the preacher, i’m gonna kill him when i catch him
put your body in the coffin and stretch’em, closed casket

(talking) and i dont wanna die with my eyes closed-(closed
i said i dont wanna die with my eyes closed-(closed cakset)

i don’t really wanna feel no pain, i’m ill
i’d rather be dead, still
lay me down, let my body rot from the buckshot to my knot
and h*ll is gettin’ hot, watch the hammer c*ck (boom!)
now i lay me down to sleep
watch the head of the head hunter once i creep
sh*t’s deep, six feet deep infact
bl**dy body in the coffin layin’ on my back
matter of fact, it’s time to meet the maker, the undertaker
sold my soul, as the story a told
once again, it seems that i cannot win
and when i die, i’m goin’ to h*ll again, in a closed casket


it seems i’m just headed for h*ll, i hear screams, they call my
symptoms of insanity, the voices, they’re all the same
i’m dead, and n*body feels my pain
one bullet, one gun, one person to blame
no shame, i take aim at my head
c*ck the hammer back and out soar a piece of lead
it was said, that i’m gonna die anyway
atleast six feet deep i got some place to stay
wit’ the maggots, bury me alive and hush
now i’m thinkin’ ’bout ashes, dust to dust
if i must, say one thing
i bet they won’t say they seeing me like the king
elvis, closed casket


“i’ve come to conclusion, look brothers, sisters,
i want an answer, there’s a… the overworld, and the
which world are you a part of?”

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