colder than the coldest winter was cold lyrics – dandy warhols

by the end of the great war
the dandy warhols had progressed
far beyond the traditional jug band sound
zia had all but hung up the washtub b*ss
in favor of her new invention
which she called the synthesizer
the banjo was still there but now it was electrified
to a flat microphone which pete had wound tightly with copper wire and
called his pick-up and in turn made it louder by what fat-head jokingly
called, pete’s amp
well, the name stuck and by the time such luminaries as gene vincent
elvis presley and b.b. king had heard this new warhols sound, they were calling it
rock and roll.
dandy frontman courtney taylor-taylor would be quoted as saying
i know it’s
only rock and roll, but i think i like it
i’m bill curtis and you’re listening to a piece of history

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