come up lyrics – dave east

my blunt rolling, my b*tch bad
come take a ride, no six flags
hit the club and they strip fast,
cause i spend cash, n*gg* kiss *ss
that rose just keep pouring,
no delta flight but we soaring
no question asked in the morning
i can hit your b*tch while i’m yawning
my true religion’s cut booth feel it
black coop kid it, my group did it
hit the gas and that coop missing
dropping sh*t like 2 pigeons
west side i’m with 2 women
my deuce is winning, i tried to like a quiet storm
i’ma ride till the tires gone
dot com, online i’m on
you logging off and not understand
even jealousy is in the humble man
got a hundred plans to get a hundred grands
i’m nino, you the dutter man
my diesel sour, i need the power
let’s beat devour, these streets is ours
clean but i smell like i need a shower
it’s in the air, i’m breathing
my heart beat in that 2pac
mind thinking that biggy
get my old block with a new glock
and a new drop, knocking 50
i’ma get rich or i’ma die trying
you getting b*tches, n*gg* stop lying
eyes blood shot like a stop sign
i’m coming up like i rock climb

i’m getting money, .
i’m getting money, .

versace star for my black vest
noody jeans on my white ones
2 cuffs like the cops got me
i’m switching states when my flight come
i transform when the night come
straight lean when it’s bright done
a lot of b*tches i don’t wife one
with no jewels but when the ice come
watch i’m changed up, the game rough
a lot of n*gg*s i can’t trust
remember smokie running down the street
my n*gg*s moving the same dust
get arranged truck, show i came up
ain’t famous yet, i just want the cake
get my name up, f*ck the game up
up brain suck but i love her face
that’s disrespect much disrespect
who gives a f*ck, let’s get the check
them b*ms will drop when i get the checks
every other motherf*cker a different x
tattoos on it so they kiss my neck
see the power and the money when you get respect
bronx tales watching sunny when he hit the deck
lifting weight, make you sit correct
birthdays was the worst days
now we full speed blowing all green like it’s earth day
n*gg*s all grind but we carry more line than the 3rd grade
let it off then go shoot till you finish
dreaming of a ghost no roof in this tenant
life is a i got a white b*tch in it
we ball every day and i ain’t hooped in a minute

i’m getting money,
i’m getting money, .

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