comerica lyrics – esham

[chorus 4x]
it’s time to make another million

i be the insane n*gg* wit the migraine
headaches, stressed out, havin million dollar doubts
n*gg* wonder, and my blind like stevie wonder
this system try to take me under
my whole team pop scallions
no more triple beam dreams or amphetamines
i got a problem wit the fbi
i’m always like f*ck ’em, m*th*f*ck ’em
i made a millionaire dollars, and got the f*ck outta detroit
n*gg*s hate me there, they wanna kill me
playa haters can’t feel me
i’m underground, so check the sound
you won’t catch me on your radio dial
so f*ck that sh*t, and b*mp this sh*t
if you ain’t wit this sh*t, suck a fat d*ck
you all broke *ss, ho *ss, never get no cash

[chorus 4x]

hold up, wait a minute
your radio ain’t sh*t if my tape ain’t in it
so now i’m going all out
and i’mma smoke on the dance, til i fall out
you can’t stop my flow, h*ll no
if you’se a ho, you gots to go
street politician, connection wit chickens
the night before christmas, pop charles d*ckens
can’t n*body do it like me, i’m the incredible bruce wayne
please, last of the red hot blooded mc’s
n*gg* n*gg* what, smack ya b*tch booty while i’m bustin a nut
my flow is ill like a virus
my words speak out to a thug like cyrus
kidnap ya mind, then hold it for ransom
the murder i wrote, is a suicide note, and


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