comment lyrics – behemoth

“this has been the best period in our existence, the
most successful, the most promising one, a period in which the band pr*ned
to become as much professional as it was possible. and i must say we
really succeeded. just take a look at the alb*m’s artwork, everything has
been done perfectly in each smallest detail. the sound is another thing we
may discuss on now…this time we entered much better studio selani (the
one vader and christ agony used for their last alb*ms) and it’s audible
for sure. it’s much clearer this time, you can’t say a bad word about
it…all the instruments are exposed in much better way. the only thing i
can complain on is the promotion done by solist*tium rec. which in fact
was none. no advertis*m*nts in pro-press, well, yeah, we did the widest
european tour so far, in company with ancient and belphegor, but it didn’t
help that much selling’s numbers…anyway, this alb*m should be seen as a
first professional step towards becoming a top band…this is a real proof
we do our best to achieve our goals and we’ll definitely follow that way,
that’s more than sure.”

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