commercial break lyrics – d12

(feat. young zee)

yo, testing
this thing back on again
alright, perfect, god d*mn good
yo, this is rondell beene
i’m back on the motherf*ckin’ scene
and i’m upset as a motherf*cker
i mean first i didn’t get paid for the d12 sh*t
you heard me rippin’ on there, they just edited my verse out
then i was on obie’s sh*t, i was in obie’s video
and that obie go ahead and i didn’t get paid for that sh*t
and now they got this bald head weed smokin motherf*cker
and his name is…

[young zee]
young zee, keep movin’ for the macs. be cubin’
hmm? i’ll make you sing like big ruben
man, in the hood, i’m the american idol
first i fight you, and then run up on your stairs with a rifle
bang. tech claims make you wipe out like x-games>
next sprain’s in your motherf*ckin’ leg bang?
tryin’ to shoot me like they tryin’ to shoot 50
either you gon’ die or need a new kidney
till i drop, i’m a sell to your friends
till i get some of that tin, in the federal pin
i spit better than them
n*gg*z wanna fight me, better go get in the gym
or the metal’ll spin. since smokes’ in ‘nam
doin’ drugs than eminem moms
ten times, dirty dozen. all x times
bash your ride, crash when you drive
flip your dumb*ss out the p*ssenger side
uhh {*car crash*}

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