communication lyrics – fifteen

where have all the good times gone, when we were together, and life was fun
i wanted to give you the moon and the sun, and share my life with someone
i didn’t want to change your life, i just wanted affection, not a wife
i didn’t want to steal your individuality, and it wasn’t just about s*xuality
i used to think of your smile to myself
but now my life’s a guessing game
communications, broken down, communications, broken down
my head is spinning round+round you pick me up then push me right back down
i just wish things could be the same, i know they can’t go on this way
sitting here on my birthday, wondering what can i do or say
to bring your friendship back my way, a million times i want to say
if you didn’t feel so far away: i’d be picking flowers for you again today
but if you leave me in the dark today: i’ll just have to be on my way
hoping, you’ll follow, my trail of tears, to work things out someway

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