communion lyrics – indesinence

‘twixt veils and candles, in a den of fertility
tonight’s p*ssage brings youth, wine and depravity

maenads awaken, your cravings unleashed
but a greater hunger dwells within the beast
with shining silver i did thee receive
with my bare hands and teeth i do you release

as your frail neck sways in a dream-like haze
our claws slash away at each other’s face
your head deconstructed with beautiful ease
our flesh torn apart in an ecstatic frenzy
your soft skinned torso sliced into half
it brightens our zenith and colours the sky

our love is rich with honey and venom
amor mori, memento fati
your innards dance, entranced with honey and venom
amor vincit omnia

our scattered limbs birth poetry from sorrow
tonight’s sown seeds, the broken dreams of tomorrow
as aphrodite rises from a sea of gore
the womb is dissolved and the future is born

a future of hope, a scene set for tragedy
‘twixt candles and veil, in a maze of futility

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