communism lyrics – common sense

yo troy i’ma come on the rhythm
with a little bit of communism
yeah hah
so check it out yeah
chick a chick a i’m
chick a chick a on
chick a chick a my
my own sh*t
like an entrepeneur that stepped in maneur
man i’m newer than a jack i went up the hill with jill
and jack chills big bootay
but then the booty up i told the b*tch she better have my money
or step to the amg
you know com sense, oh yeah him be
that n*gg* that be making all the bid-by-by-bye sounds
but since then, common calm down!
i’m on some calm sh*t watch com get complicated
simple motherf**kers say the way that com communicated
was too complex, i got a complex not to complain

on my brain no complain and so will my community
and i prefer compliments
so i complement at an angle, of ninety degrees
it’s the ninties, and music got known for grease
i got a sense of direction and a comp*ss
come past mc’s with comp*ssion, though i heard the screams of
but i ain’t shy, so why shall i comfort
commiserate at the fort with jeff i’m so ill
but i chilled in my compartment with no company and no meals
now com can get the panty, but i want my own company
and com is on a mission not to work for commission
it’s a common market and it’s so much compet*tion
but to me, compet*tion is none
to my comp i’m a ton i get amped like watts in a riot
my compact disc is a commodity, so buy it
instead of competing with pete
com compromised, com made a promise
not to commercialize, but compound the soul
without the elements, compelling sense into communism

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