compel to copulate lyrics – despised icon

compel to copulate
i’m not disappointed to be ugly as a human
when the lancet starts to pierce my skin
slashing, cutting the reproductive tool
compel to copulate
castrate, dissect the base of human silliness
finish with the impulsion
i disowned what i don’t deserve
s*x is now running your lives
har*ssed by subjective circ*mstances
we succ*mb by machination
too much subliminal
it’s infecting our brain
regularly soaking with s*x
humans drowning in a pathetic circle
more disgusting than animal instincts
man has pushed the nastiness too far
constantly present in everyone’s mind
rise in an infatuated world
our soul impregnated with s*xual perversion and sickening growing variations
this is just a fragmentation that i’ll eternally desecrate
revolting state of being for human kind
i hope your misrepresentation will wipe out human races with all viral syndromes created by your avidity
you will suffer when your infected blood will condemn your pathetic existence of b*st**l activities.

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