computer love lyrics – cuf

the world’s at the tip of your touch
so clutch that mouse in from your home
roaming alone, just you and your portable phone
can surf the world of m*ss production, it’s like seduction
being enticed by flashy lights and a thousand and one functions
and that something? to drive a disk that won’t miss
with precise right info
sports, or news reports, or chat with an overseas nympho
advanced technology means progressed ecology (it ain’t crack)
fools is hooked on ibm, at&t and it’s cool
it all happened sitting at a desk, and i’ll bet
the freaks won’t come out at night, they too busy workin’ the internet
for real, might as well pay packard bell
too many crosswires, frequently your frequency’s a living h*ll
in a nutsh*ll, the ways of pushing b*ttons came far
got computers warning me,

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