condemned for intestine penetration lyrics – death reality

we always bring you “suffer” and “brutality”
we take revenge of hatred
condemned for penetration
and killing that measures
perforate knife
embarr*ssed killing
and go on, more hate
bare hate exists

i still c*m blood
for the victim of my own
i love ripping your skin
i am digging you down
you’re the person of the dead
screaming bodies so long

crushing heads collective measures
there is no reason
blood red burn and suffocation
depths of filth, a vacant murder
for my survival
burning skies for defecation

flesh for only waste
head is spite on fire
carc*ss putrid stench
carnivores desire

condemned for hate
condemned for fire
condemned eternal
condemned desire


the rules of the dead
are your only importants
any kind of flesh
for the appet*te of m*ss
collective ripping
with bl**dy teeth
to break the incantation of my d*mnation
your head is spite on fire to kill splashed

pure hate, suffocate
h*ll awaits, condemned

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