consent lyrics – kill your ex

i think i should tell you now ’cause i don’t want you to find out
from someone else who doesn’t have a clue about us,
all that’s beautiful untouched, or what’s sacred in this world.
i owe you more then this. more then just this kiss.

keep it up when you breakdown.
sure enough i’ve letdown.
safe cars we resound.
motorists we ride out.
sorry for the escaping.
i’ve got to do this right now.
sleepless as you lay down.
asleep…you’ve gone out.

look at me i have everyones concern.
why can’t they just believe it’s real
(cause they don’t believe in me)
see me lift off of the ground in a rocket ship.
look at me i have no ones consent.

baby, baby, i thought you should know.
baby, baby, i thought you should know where i get off.
doctor, doctor i beg of you please.
doctor, doctor i got a big lump in my throat now.
see if you can fix it for me.
see if you can fix it, ’cause i cannot lay down.
sitting on the edge of this cliff.
god this better work and if not i will jump in.

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