conspirator lyrics – dead by tomorrow

godd*mned deceptive words like venom flowing through my
f*cking fragile veins. it slowly makes me suffer to give
my fainted body to eternity. you put me in a cauldron
boiled me with the human scheme, sentences are like
acidic cancer corroded my wretched soul. you’ve forsaken
me in trouble but my faith was unbreakable, by now it’s
just a broken gl*ss you forfeited your last chance. maybe
i die alone but i won’t drown in a f*cking swamp of
deception, a loathing for you makes me stronger ’cause
you stabbed me in my back. i won’t fight for you anymore.
deceptive words as creeping insects in a weak sacrifice,
squirming among the entrails and tear the nerves apart. i
despise you, scorn you, hate you! i despise you, scorn
you, f*cking hate you! your empty words have flooded my
mind but a sudden grip has changed my sight. my point of
view has turned, our common past is burnt. another
friendship is terminated and the wounds entirely healed.
now you’re just a shade to me. i slake my thirst by

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