continuum lyrics – continuum

time is endless from what we conceive
present transits from past to future
eternal portion of time
infinite piece of sp*ce

everything relates to what we conceive
everything becomes what we perceive

space-time continuum
vortex of relations
space-time continuum
nova of emotions

we think in terms of ticking time
holding our breath in our biosphere
sending messages light-years away
to the few already here

space-time continuum
cortex of conceptions
space-time continuum
cosmic interactions

continuum will always be
as long as we conceive
what we perceive

not a fool the one who transcends,
hiding like an oyster sh*ll,
a pearl of the mind,
altering sp*ce and time.

the quicker we travel
the faster we burn
black holes in sp*ce feed on time
blanks in our memories feed on our minds

space-time continuum
complex combinations
space-time continuum
quantum of abstractions
words by steph
music by continuum
(c) space-time records

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