country queer lemonade lyrics – earl stout

i’d like to come out of the closet, make something abundantly clear
i’m not a h*m*s*xual, i’m not gay, i’m not a queer
i over hear these comments
i find them rather strange
cause i like chicks and i love t*ts and that’ll never change
there’s no other reason chicks wouldn’t want to be with me
i guess color might be a factor in this liberal minded society
first you open your eyes, then i open mine
realize that it’s not you, but me, the one that’s blind
they all know how smart i am
and i make ’em laugh all the time
plus, i’ve got the uncanny ability of singing in forced rhyme
sure, i’ve enver had a girlfriend
it’s the one thing which i lack
but rest *ssured, it’s not because i’m gay
it’s just because i’m black

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