crash-barrier waltzer lyrics – jethro tull

and here slip i — dragging one foot in the gutter —
in the midnight echo of the shop that sells cheap
and there sits she — no bed, no bread, no b*tter —
on a double yellow line — where she can park anytime.
old lady grey; crash-barrier waltzer —
some only son’s mother. baker street casualty.
oh, mr. policeman — blue shirt ballet master.
feet in sticking plaster —
move the old lady on.
strange pas-de-deux —
his romeo to her juliet.
her sleeping draught, his poisoned regret.
no drunken b*ms allowed to sleep here in the
crowded emptiness.
oh officer, let me send her to a cheap hotel —
i’ll pay the bill and make her well – like h*ll you
bl**dy will!
no do-good over kill. we must teach them
to be still more independent.

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