crazy heart lyrics – hank williams jr.

recorded by hank williams
words and music by maurice murry and fred rose

capo: 2nd fret key: e play: d
you [d] thought shed care for you and [d7] so you acted [g] smart
go [a7] on an break, you crazy [d] heart
you lived on promises i [d7] knew would fall a-[g] part
go [a7] on and break you crazy [d] heart. [d7]

you [g] never would admit you were mis-[d] tak-en
you [g] didnt even know, the [d] chances you were [a7] takin
i [d] knew you couldnt win, i [d7] told you from the [g] start
go [a7] on and break you crazy [d] heart.

i knew youd wake up and find her missin
i tried my best to warn you, but you wouldnt listen
you told me i was wrong, you thought that you were smart
go on an break you crazy heart.

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