crazy lyrics – meredith brooks

jump in it’s fine without a lifeboat
i will give it another try
you say come back, don’t go in too deep
but it’s a rush to see me do it
cause you don’t dare
even though there’s nothing to it

this town’s always gonna think i’m a little crazy
somebody’s always gonna try to label me insane
funny how i always seem to be the one who’s crazy
i just wanna live, i don’t wanna fit
if that makes me crazy, then i am

no way i feel like nothings goin’
my way but my future’s bright
don’t have a single dollar left
got my keys inside my car
and the high way is opening wide
you ask me where, i can’t tell you
but i’m putting town the pedal tonight


you say don’t change a single thing
but your list is longer than my day
i can’t help wondering
when all is said and all is done
am i the crazy one?

i just want to live
i don’t want to fit
i just want to try
i don’t want to quit
if that makes me crazy, i am.


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