creation lyrics – esoteric

night surrounds me,
as i sit alone,
in the indecipherable darkness.
i smell the noise of past.

vivacity of the wind begets clear my mind.
in eternal isolation.
those that pretend to care, kill you,
and leave you for being dead.

i seek, for where am i?
the throes of death swirl within me,
and i smile…

life, raped by disease.
cast out.
no place for me here.
i create my kingdom.
creation through destruction,
cut out the heart of the christian disease.

knowledge my fortune,
i channel the strength of my will.

the lure of the moonlight,
streams forth, with abundance of strength.
i bask in it’s essence,
devouring the force,
succouring my veins.
i traverse to the beckon of my desire.

this stagnant humanity serves only to frustrate.
unfit to stand alone, huddled in their m*sses,
synonymous in their worthless existence.

the time will come to p*ss.
creation of life,
destruction of the disease.

[lyrics-greg, 1995]
[music-greg, 1995]

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