crowd control lyrics – destroy

be happy and complacentconform and consumedance as
the ship goes downyour society is doomedpay your moneystand
in linelike a sheep in a sermonrapt,
yet blindright where they want youyou are controlledeverything’s
underunder controlall the latest hitsto keep you in
your placedecadent yuppie larvaswallow it blindlya
smile on their facesongs all writtenon computersthere’s
no musiciansonly actors and performerscircus maximusspins
round and roundmesmerized by the spectacleas it drags
you downmusic is an industrywith packaged products
to sellrock and disco for the middle cl*ssrap and metal
for teens who think they rebelmusic is a safety valvea
method of social controlan outlet for your energyyour rebellion is on hold

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