crowns meant for kings lyrics – on broken wings

pour your heart out
the puddles deep but not enough
temporary wall
perforated st*tches… still not enough

have things been this way for a long time??

im not man enough to see what it takes to make a man a
man, but thats
the hesitation was a blink
now my eyes are locked out all night… and thats ok too

but as i stare out on the vastness, i muse upon my life
and both, i find, are empty

bringing me to my knees again
i must help myself to bleed the wounds ive seen dug in
piercing skin
tearing flesh
open the pane to emptiness
incarcerate me
i’ll watch you procreate
my life to view now
mon display for me to watch
there was a levity to everything when i had you
but i had to burn that bridge too

have things been this way for a long time???

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