crucial 4 life lyrics – leng tch’e

rich kids, bigheaded nerds!
think they are hardcore, they’re just a boysband
only have some success ‘coz they’re hardline straight edge

irritating sn*bbish f*ckers
big mouthed backstabbers
they’re straight edge so they’re better than us
beware of them!

here they come right now
they’re the crucial kids
i ask what is the deal
‘coz they just make me laugh

try to be tough on stage but this is really bad acting
also in real life they are just a pose

how can you be so arrogant
to call yourself crucial
for the survival of the scene
like you invented it?

too selfish to lend your stuff
you are ruining the scene,
no unity with people who say
that they are better than me!

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