crush the disbeliever lyrics – warhammer

(lyrics by f. krynojewski)
(music by f. krynojewski and v. frerich)

the origin of perversion lies deep within our doom
unleashed in m*ssive extinction
this earth shall fall in gloom
the fate is self-destruction to release all agony
we hail the sh*r*s of heaven with h*llish insanity

crush the disbeliever – tear the enemy down
raise the infamous shroud – and wear the martyr’s crown

through bloodshed and oppression
our hearts have turned to stone
nothing ever remains of them
their skeletons built our thrones
the seed of chaos grows, a p*ssage without return
crusades end in fire, the sinner will never learn


nothing’s more to drown, we raise the sword at last
their temples left behind, like relics of the past
one day they’ll understand the eternal strength, and then
illuminated by the words of god, we’ll raise the sword again


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