cry night after night lyrics – steve earle

i almost hate to go back home
somebody’s died every time i’ve been gone
i ain’t saying i don’t want to know
just that it brings me down so low

i was needing more out of life
i forgot how to be your wife
everybody’s settlin’ for settlin’ down
hear the jingle of the chains rattling around

i never really gave much thought
i’m sure its my own fault
i just figured after years gone by
all them tears would have run dry

i go out night after night
and i wonder if i’m treating myself right
and i think about the ones i left behind
when i cry night after night

here’s to the ones who worked all along
living in fear of being alone
well i started out early in life
i made mine and i knew i

could never really go back home
that’s the same as being alone
sure, i could always turn it around
that’d be the same as shooting me down

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