culo posse lyrics – 24-7 spyz

culo, culo
it´ not the way you smell
it´s your culo
it´ not the calvin coolers
but your culo
i´d be better off with dreams
but that´s not what i need
it´s your culo, the way you move it
if i have my chance
in my strobe lite room
you´ll be buggin´ off me
pile driving you with mr. r.d.
this is something i see

i can´t help myself
my friends say that it must be felt
it´s true
i do believe that i can get that culo anytime

she´s not really hype…
but she´s got culo
yo, she ain´t your type…
but she´s got culo
what a brudmare…
but she´s got culo
go head, bust it…
in her culo

culo, culooooo

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